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Recommending McKay Flooring

Customer Recommending McKay Flooring We're always delighted to receive customer [...]

BBC Breakfast News Feature on McKay Flooring

On Wednesday Morning we had the pleasure of being included in a feature on the BBC Breakfast News about how small businesses in Scotland are traversing the choppy waters of the current economic downturn. Richard McKay was interviewed, outlining how he has radicalised the McKay Flooring marketing philosophy to broaden our reach and win business in new markets.

Camper Store Choose Stark White Flooring

Shoe retailer Camper regularly engage well-known designers to create the interiors for their stores, such as Nendo, Jaime Hayon, and Doshi Levien. For there Lyon store they hired Dutch designers Studio Makkink & Bey who created a start white store with white floors and endless staircases that are used as display shelves for the shoes.

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