Unique By Design: Create Your Own Coloured Parquet Floor with Our Special Parquet Graph Paper

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Exclusivity is a rare thing in interior design. To have a truly unique feature in your home or business is usually an expensive luxury or the result of a spark of inspiration. In the case of our coloured parquet flooring you can provide that spark of inspiration to make sure your floor is unlike any other.

As part of our coloured parquet flooring service we provide sheets of special parquet graph paper so you can create your own unique design. To get a FREE SAMPLE of our specialist parquet paper please Retweet this post on Twitter or Like it on Facebook and we’ll post your paper first class (whilst stocks last)!

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You don’t have to be an architect or interior designer to come up with a beguiling pattern; just start off with a selection of coloured swatches and then fill in the pattern using, for example, the herringbone template.

We then take high quality European oak parquet blocks and hand finish them to your design with special parquet flooring paint. Creating a wonderful and unique coloured parquet floor is as simple and special as that.


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