Top 10 Cool and Unusual Flooring Ideas

/Top 10 Cool and Unusual Flooring Ideas

Top 10 Cool and Unusual Flooring Ideas

Tired of that old bit of carpet in your hall? Here is a selection of the ultimate floor coverings plucked from our FloorCrunch blog. There are ten ideas here for new and innovative floorings for your home and business.

1. Interactive Flooring

One minute you are stirring a tranquil pool with your toes, the next your are crunching across snow.

With Gesturetrek’s GroundFX system, you project special effects directly onto interactive floor displays.

So far, it has been mainly used for branding and marketing purposes in public places but it won’t be long before it makes its way into the domestic market.

2. Glass Flooring

Not the usual multi-layered laminate blocks, but beautiful glass surfaces up to 6″ thick to grace your mezzanine or stairs.

When lit with LED’s you can have any number of lighting effects to match your mood. From ThinkGlass.

3. Coin Flooring

Now you can prove you are minted by having a floor laid with coins. Or at least that is what the Standard Hotel in New York did in its grill room with a floor completely covered in pennies.

It looks very unusual and if you want to follow suit, perhaps you could make good use of the office swear box to provide the raw material.

4. Living Flooring

If you don’t like to let the grass grow under your feet, look away now. Terramac from Unitika is a biodegradable spun fabric which can grow mosses and small plants within its strands. The result is a remarkable living carpet.

Tending the result is more like gardening than housekeeping but surely this is the greenest of floor products.

5. Whisky Barrel Flooring

Perfect for your den or club, these beautiful boards are fashioned from genuine Scotch whisky barrels, many still with the distinctive stencil markings of the original brand. The story began when the Scotch whisky industry needed an eco-friendly solution to disposing of old barrels. McKay Flooring were glad to come up with an innovative solution and orders for our unique whisky barrel floors soon rolled in. Whisky Barrel Flooring from McKay Flooring.

6. Earth Flooring

For the environmentally conscious, how about Earthen Mud Flooring? Not such a novel idea perhaps for those who already live in mud huts, but a mud floor in a modern urban environment can look cool and has the advantages of durability and low maintenance.

And it always helps to keep your feet on the ground.

7. Futuristic Flooring

We love the brilliant high gloss finish of this flooring and the way it plays with the room’s reflections but Resofloor is not mere shiny bling. It is also remarkably hard-wearing.

It looks as if you could paddle across it but remarkably, this glossy futuristic flooring is created from pressed fibreboard.

8. Leather Flooring

Smart and sophisticated but also hard-wearing, we have leather flooring installed in our showroom and it has proved remarkably resistance to the rigours of foot traffic.

There are many different types and colours of leather flooring but our best-seller is the luxurious Genova Chocolate Flooring from Torlys of Canada. See this and other leather floors at McKay Flooring.

As an intriguing alternative to a near seamless expanse of leather flooring how about fitting floor tiles made from leather belts?

9. Jigsaw Flooring

It may be a challenge to lay but a Puzzlefloor Jigsaw flooring provides a great conversation piece in any home. The individual pieces are handmade from hardwood and come in a variety of colours.

For a further twist on the puzzle theme, how about a Persian-style jigsaw rug which you piece together yourself?

10. Coloured Parquet Flooring

Traditional parquet flooring looks fabulous but has a slightly stuffy reputation. This is altogether more fun. You can design your own pattern and colours on special parquet flooring graph paper. Then we will paint and seal and professionally lay your floor.

Although it looks sensational in hotels, artistic spaces and galleries, there is no reason not to bring the colourful fun of a parquet floor into your home.



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