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The McKay Flooring Media Room

We like to think that our hard work is recognised by the people who matter – our customers. However we also often get invited to contribute to blogs, TV and magazines to discuss our thoughts on flooring trends and prestigious contracts. The idea of our media room is simply to collate and curate some of our recent forays into the media world. We hope you like this collection and would love it if you can forward links to anything we may have missed.


We’re delighted to have had our Coloured Parquet Collection featured by authoritative design magazine Design Milk.


Case study: How a UK flooring company is using Pinterest

Our Whisky Barrel Flooring has obtained a huge interest world-wide. Here is a selection of some of the articles and attention we’ve received:

Glasgow Herald
Our  local broadsheet ran a feature about the Whisky Barrel Flooring which included additional information about our other recent contract flooring successes .
Glasgow Herald

The Awesomer
Cult Blog ‘The Awesomer’ reported on Whisky Barrel Flooring during the summer.
The Awesomer

Eco Street
Popular independent blog on all things green and environmental.
Eco Street

Whiskey Wise
The Whisky Industry were fast to pick up and report on our barrel flooring venture.
Whiskey Wise

Moco Loco
Design and fashion trend setters are always keen to use new and interesting materials.
Moco Loco

Cool Material
Another resource for designers reporting on our innovative new flooring material.
Cool Material

Material ConneXion Certified
Whisky Barrel Flooring is accepted to the prestigious Materials ConneXions Lobary of innovatice materials.
Material conneXion

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