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Gerflor Taraflex Vinyl Sports Flooring

All Gerflor Taraflex® synthetic floors are designed for safety and comfort. Their multi-layered construction includes 100% pure vinyl, a reinforced fiberglass grid and closed-cell foam backing to provide shock absorption, help fight fatigue, deliver consistent ball bounce, and protect against skin burns.
Product treatments ensure easy maintenance, stain resistance and prevention of mold and bacteria growth. Taraflex® floors meet and exceed the stringent performance standards mandated by all major flooring associations.

Specially designed for : churches, elementary schools, parks & recreation.

Performance gymnasium
Specially designed for: middle/high schools, college/universities, sports facilities.

Fitness / Aerobics
Specially designed for: aerobics centers, fitness facilities, recreation centers, private gyms.

Racquet sports
Specially designed for: tennis courts, table tennis areas, badminton areas.

Taraflex© Futsal
Specially designed for Futsal courts.

Moisture protection solutions
Specially designed for: wherever subfloor moisture control is needed

Protective floor coverings
Specially designed for: protection of sports floor when used for non-sporting activiites

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