Going For Gold – Olympian Effort Required To Stake Our (Re)claim

/Going For Gold – Olympian Effort Required To Stake Our (Re)claim

Going For Gold – Olympian Effort Required To Stake Our (Re)claim

With little under three weeks to go until the London 2012 Olympics kicks off we’re gearing up for a trip to the capital to undertake the installation of over 500m2 of Reclaimed Junckers Sports Flooring at a prestigious Thames side complex that is being turned into hosting venues for Olympic sponsor companies.  Working directly for Octink, the UK’s leading display, interiors & events branding specialist the McKay Flooring Team have three days to install the 500m2 of reclaimed wood flooring on the 28th floor of  Millbank Tower – this is a tricky job with tight timescales.

The venue has a three week shelf life, the duration of the games, and we have to ensure that the flooring can be easily dismantled and removed with minimum fuss. Octink have been smart enough to incorporate this aspect into the original design concept and the uplifted material will be reused in some of the clients retail stores.

Along with the various contracts we’ve been awarded in connection with the 2014 International sports event that will be held in Glasgow we’re delighted to be involved with the London Games and working for industry leaders such as Octink and the hosting client New Balance Footwear, the world’s oldest manufacturer of sports footwear.

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