Gorbals Sports Centre

Gorbals, Glasgow May 2009
We are proud to have participated in this project which helped regenerate a part of the inner city of Glasgow. This brand new sports centre is now the pride of the Gorbals area and is used by the whole community as a place to meet, chat, enjoy, as well as get fit. We fitted both hardwood flooring and linoleum throughout this fantastic building.

The first image is of the fantastic sports hall which can be used for many indoor sports including badminton, judo etc. As you can see we can paint on any sports courts that you may wish onto a gymnasium or sports hall floor. Multiple courts can be painted on top of each other so that the gymnasium can be used for a variety of different sports.

The second image is of the dance studio where you can see a class in action on this beautiful hardwood floor. It greatly brightens up the room and produces and excellent surface on which to practice aerobics, dance, keep fit etc

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