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/Great Deals on Job Lots

Great Deals on Job Lots

JOB LOT REF M2 available New/Reclaimed Species width Pack size Selling price Ex vat
JL022 Pitch Pine Blocks with Tar 35x220x70mm – 2.28m2 & 30x220x63mm – 9.6m2 11.88m2 Reclaimed Pitch Pine 63 & 70mm £40
JL023 Ted Todd parquet blocks 9.67m2 New Timber, excellent job lot Oak Create Blocksm mixed colours white oak and chocolate oak, Codes Cr07Bl & CR04Bl 127mm 25pks @ 0.387 £140
JL034. Pallet 1(75m2) & Pallet 2 (60m2) approx 135m2 New timber Mixed pallet, various species various £30
JL035. 17.5m2 Reclaimed Oak 130mm £40
JL051 Pallet 1 (16.5m2) 16.5 New Mixed but 90% is Oak various wide boards £30
JL058 29m2 Reclaimed (Ex Display, great condition) Leather, 4 colours, modena wine, modena brown, chocolate, novara pecan 195mm
JL078 4m2 Reclaimed Reclaimed Beech with nails and a few sports lines 2strip
JL0105 Reclaimed Teak approx 35m2 Reclaimed Solid Teak, needing denailed 65mm £35/m2
JL108 Junckers Oak Variation ultra matt lacquer 14mm 2 strip 16 pcks includes undamaged pack new but damaged ends can be pinned or glued with some ends cut off oak variation ultra matt finish, slight damage to one end of panels 129mm £550
JL101 various engineered blocks 15.57m2 £30
JL104 Boen boflex beech 2strip 13.26m2 139 £199
JL109 TT Compton oak 4packs 180 £160
JL090 Oak blocks T&G 7.21 prime solid oak blaocks 254 £40
JL097 mixed blocks, species and sizes 25.34m2 £130
JL100 Junkers Blocks mixed species and sizes 18.5m2 £116
JL110 Mondo Sport Impact 18m2 Tile, SO11 med grey £432
JL111 Reclaimed Junkers Prem) 103m2 Reclaimed beech 129 £29 x m2
JL113 Kahrs Activityfloor Hard Maple 1.94 m2 (303N15AP50KW 8.5 packs/16.49m2 new £300
JL114 Boen Actiflex Beech System 14x215mm 181m2 reclaimed but not old has broken tongues £12/m2
JL115 Tuscan Cappuccino Brushed & Lacquered 15 x 125mm 1.2m2 8 pcks new £114
JL116 CLYDE GRANITE BLACK PER TILE 100 tiles/36m2 new £7/m2 – £88.62
JL099 Solid Oak Blocks Prime Unfinished 230x70x15mm New £13/m2 – £217
JL121 This job lot is Junckers Light Ash 22mm, 2strip boards with a silk lacquer. The job lots concists of 5 pcks of Classic Grade, 4 Hamrony Grade and 1 Variation Grade. This gives an overall grade of Harmony. There are 10 packs in total giving a qty of 19.1m2. This is a new job lot although some packs may have open packaging. New Light Ash 2 strip RRP £1624 ex vat less 40% discount £974 ex vat for the job lot
JL123 Junckers Black Harmony 22mm Ultra Matt – 1.91m2 – packagin may be open New Black Oak 2 strip RRP £2311 less 40% discount £1387 ex vat for job lot
JL124 Junckers Oak Harmony 22x129x3700mm silk matt 1.91 New Oak 2 strip RRP 1205 less 45% discount £663 ex vat for job lot
JL125 OakHarmony Cozy Symphony Raw Sugar Ultra Matt 20.5x 140mm 2.27, packaging may be opened New Oak with colour and texture 140mm RRP £1647 less 45% discount £906 ex vat for job lot
JL126 Junckers Nordic Oak HarmonyUMATT 22x129mm 1.91 New 2 strip RRP 2737 less 43% discount £1560 ex vat for job lot
JL127 details to be confirmed
JL128 Boen Oak Andante Live Pure Lacquer 14x138x2200mm Bevelled Edge 3.04m2 New Oak 138mm plank RRP £5323 less 20% discount £4258 ex vat for job lot
JL129 Reclaimed Junckers Beech (Club) 103m2 Reclaimed with nails Beech 2strip £29/m2
JL130 Oak Battens (HFI) 228x70x10mm 23.75m2 New Oak 1.9/23.75m2
JL131 Reclaimed solid Oak 150x18mm, previously glued down will need to be nailed as slight bow in board and may require to be sanded after installation 17.5m2 Reclaimed Oak 150 17.5m2 175.00 ex vat
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