Hand Made Oak Floors by Jack Badger

/Hand Made Oak Floors by Jack Badger

Hand Made Oak Floors by Jack Badger

As recently featured we now stock Jack Badger hand made oak floors. This beautifully crafted wood floor material is produced in extra wide boards up to and over 450mm wide.  The manufacturers have supplied us with some additional information and photos that help outline the unique qualities of this bespoke floor.

Hand Made Oak Floors

Jack Badger handmade oak floors must meet exacting standards. The oak is taken from sustainable sources and the grade of wood is carefully selected for character and distinction.

All our boards are from carefully selected parts of the tree. The quarter sawn cut is taken from the center of the tree and displays the most stunning figuring of all cuts. This is because of the medullary rays; the fibrous tissues within the growing tree are sliced in such a way they display a distinctive ribbon pattern on the board.

This cut also provides the sturdiest board of the tree making it ideal for a wood floor that needs to stand the test of time; it is least susceptible to bowing and benefits from a longer drying time which makes it ideal for flooring.

Hand Made Oak Floors

Only a few boards out of the entire tree are truly quarter sawn in today’s methods of driving for maximum production, making them rarer and more expensive than the rest however the stunning effect and the longevity of these boards make them absolutely worth it. Sometimes the production methods used by our ancestors are still the best.

Hand Made Oak Floors

Unlike modern wood floors which are laid in courses, we lay our floors in bays. This is an age old method you will find in older style properties that works in great harmony with the aesthetic look of our oak boards. The arrangement of the bays are dictated by the joists in your room which allows for the maximum use of timber, less waste, and adds much more character to your floor.

It allows us to incorporate tapered boards and even curved boards that make your floor a distinctive feature in your home.

We recommend that our wide oak floor is fixed down using traditional cut clasp nails to add the final decorative touch that completes the traditional handmade look and feel of your beautiful Jack Badger floor.

Hand Made Oak Floors

Jack Badger’s oak flooring comes in a range of widths as we work in harmony with the wood sourced to ensure we bring out the best features of this natural product. The wide oak widths range from between 200mm and 450mm. In times gone by a person’s affluence was measured by the width of the boards in your floor, the wider the board the greater the stature of its owner.

The narrow oak flooring ranges from 128mm to 204mm. Despite being narrower than the wide boards range this floor still benefits from the remarkable handmade finishes and prestigious quality of wood sourced to provide immediate impact to your home. The width of the narrow boards is 21mm.

The standard thickness we create the wide oak floor is 21mm thick however if you are having under floor heating we would generally advise that it should be thinner to allow for the heat to work more effectively.

For under floor heating we are able to supply the wide boards with a thinner width close to 15mm.


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