Hardwood Floor – Amazing Lizard Tiles!

/Hardwood Floor – Amazing Lizard Tiles!

Hardwood Floor – Amazing Lizard Tiles!

Hardwood floor lizard Tiles From the very imaginative minds of Spanish company Arbore are these brilliant  shaped interlocking hardwood floor lizard tiles.  Inspired by the art of Escher the geometrically designed  tiles form an endless repeating pattern of floor lizards once installed. Arbore Historic Floors helping you to give you something different look for your home, for your business, if you have an idea to decorate your house and do not find who will take it to practice  Arbore will help you to make this happen. They make the production of parquet and historic floors of houses, offices and buildings. Also they design artistic parquets like Hardwood Floor – Amazing Lizard Tiles

Hardwood Floor lizard Tiles

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