Kährs creates world's first floors using FSC – Fairtrade certified wood

Kährs has launched a world-first range of floors made from FSC®-Fairtrade® certified wood. One of the most eco-conscious and socially responsible wood floors on the global market, this stunning range has been produced as part of the first FSC-Fairtrade certified timber, small scale forestry project in Chile’s Curacautin Valley. Kährs collection supports not only the restoration of biodiversity in the forest, but also reduction of poverty and restoration of rights to the indigenous Mapuche and descendants of pioneer family foresters.

Made from a combination of sustainable native Rauli and Roble hardwood timber, the new range of two-strip floors features Kährs multi-layer construction and glueless Woodloc® joint, which provide enhanced stability and promote a fast, precise installation. The floor’s surface is crafted from 100% FSC-Fairtrade certified wood whilst FSC Mix certified wood is used for the core layers. The products can also contribute to BREEAM or LEED certified project.

Forming part of Kährs World Collection, designs include: Roja – an even grained floor with a warm, red tone and lots of colour variation; Tierra – a rich, dark brown stained floor with a more even tone and subtle colour variation; Piedra – an on-trend grey toned floor for a modern, urban look and Cautin, with the boldest colour variation and warm natural hue. Each unique floor, except for the smooth-finished Cautin, is brushed and all products are finished with Kährs Nature Oil for minimal ecological impact and easy care.

For more information, please contact Kährs (UK) Ltd on tel. 023 9245 3045, email sales@kahrs.com or visit www.kahrs.co.uk

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