Maggie's Centre, Inverness

McKay Flooring are proud to have been the hardwood flooring contractor at the Maggie’s Centre in Inverness. The article below was taken from Scottish Construction News Website.

The Inverness Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre
The RIAS has announced the winner of the 2006 Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland. Designed by PagePark Architects of Glasgow, Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Inverness was selected from a shortlist of ten projects to receive the accolade of best building in Scotland this year. The prize of £25,000 is the biggest architecture prize in Europe and is awarded annually in memory of Scottish architect Andrew Doolan, who founded the award in 2002.At a ceremony in The Balmoral Hotel, Professor Simon Unwin of Dundee University School of Architecture, speaking on behalf of the jury, said the architects had tackled a delicate brief with disarming wit and comforting good humour.He said: “With a complex tangle of intertwining curves and using a palette of warm and pliable materials, the interior meets uncertainty with companionship and reassurance. Cosy sitting places huddle by hearths among the irregular geometry. A veranda in the sun looks out into a landscape of grass mounds ascended by long spiral pathways. This is a ‘home’ distorted by worry. It is also a refuge where cancer sufferers can find support and maybe come to terms with their disease.”Architecturally, it is a ‘tour de force’. It is a successful and poetic collaboration of architecture and landscape design, and brings bright and exciting relief to the adjacent hospital buildings with their usual utilitarian dullness. This is a building that speaks of aspiration and healing, and in doing so it speaks also of humanity.”

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