Reclaimed Junckers Sports Flooring – The Inside Track.

One of the bonus’s of working with clients such as marketing suite specialists Octink and New Balance Footwear on a project as prestigious as an Olympic sponsor HQ is the fantastic archive of photographs and video material documenting the experience that is accumulated, as evident in the brilliant short movie that was produced showing how the venue got constructed from bare room to finished article.  The still photography of this fit out is just as magnificent as the video and gives us an opportunity to show off the reclaimed Junckers sports flooring that we installed in all its glory.

Reclaimed Sports Flooring Reclaimed Sports Flooring Reclaimed Sports Flooring Reclaimed Sports Flooring

Installing reclaimed Junckers sports flooring

The 500m2 of reclaimed Junckers sports flooring
that was used for the New Balance venue was installed using a method that allows for easy uplift and removal from the 28th floor city centre venue. The material will now go back into storage and the intention is to use it again in the clients retail outlets throughout the UK.  In all that will mean that this particular flooring will have been installed and used in three different locations providing outstanding sustainability credentials and value for money from 15 year old recycled sports flooring.

To reuse uplift sports flooring and to retain the look with the old sports lines still intact we have to first carefully remove the material from its original location, careful not to break too many tongues or grooves, although it is inevitable and unavoidable that some will break. Bits broken off here and there is acceptable and the flooring is still good to use again.  Once relaid we give the floor a deep clean before applying one coat of hard wearing lacquer to the entire floor to freshen up and protect the surface finish while not taking away from the natural worn and distressed patina and chipped and faded sports line markings that is so desirable.

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