A Winner: Reclaimed Sports Flooring in a London Flat

We have talked before about reclaimed Junckers sports flooring and the fact that many people like to retain the original sports markings. Well, here is a fantastic example from a newly refurbished flat in Hackney, London.

McKay Flooring uplifted the original Junckers flooring and then relaid it in London with the sports markings still intact, providing a very appealing, random pattern.

As you can see from the photographs below, the floor provides a uniform – some might say school uniform – look throughout the apartment from kitchen to playroom to bedroom to lounge.







































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  1. wow, that looks really cool! i have a serious, unrelated question…as a wood floor expert, do you recommend using the new steam mops to clean a wood floor?

  2. I love it too – just think it would work best in trendy office or home office setting with larger areas to fill.

  3. I really like this flooring, and I agree with @Matt Davis, it would look better in an office setting.

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