Selfridges Big Yellow Floor Supplied and Fitted By McKay Flooring

It’s just short of a year since we launched our range of bespoke coloured parquet flooring. In the ten months since we unveiled this exclusive parquet flooring product we’ve had phenomenal interest and a flurry of  requests for samples and copies of our parquet graph paper that helps you design and layout your own colour  scheme and patterns.  We’ve also been involved in some exciting projects working with designers and architects to produce unique floors and parquet wall panels such as a KFC restaurant  in Edinburgh were we supplied coloured battens for a wooden wall feature. All of this neatly leads up to today’s unveiling of The Big Yellow Shop – a pop-up shop in the heart of  retail giant Selfridges flagship Oxfords street store.

Paying homage to Pantone 109, a vibrant yellow that is synonymous with the store and one of their corporate colours a one off shop area was designed to fit within the ground floor of the shop.  The in-house Selfridges design team incorporated a bright yellow parquet floor with flecks of white and natural oak boards placed throughout the design and they contacted McKay Flooring to produced the coloured parquet blocks and undertake the installation.
Many samples were prepared and presented before the signature yellow was achieved and agreed. This contract demanded extremely tight times scales, having only two nights to install and lacquer the eighty metre floor. A team of four of our specialist parquet flooring operatives worked from 9.30pm until 7am last Friday and Saturday nights to fit the flooring to a strict plan and layout supplied by the Selfridge designers and when complete the floor was protected and covered for todays launch.

We’re delighted with the results and the finished shop looks amazing. The opportunity to work with such an esteemed company has been an honour and it has been a pleasure  to work with the Selfridges design team .

If you would like some samples of our coloured parquet flooring or some copies of the colour parquet graph paper please contact us on 0845 602 7694 or email us at:

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  1. I’d love to come here! Amazing display of materials!

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