Sports Partner – The Perfect All Round Sports Floor

/Sports Partner – The Perfect All Round Sports Floor

Sports Partner – The Perfect All Round Sports Floor

McKay Flooring Ltd are delighted to announce we have teamed up with Sports Partner and our Sports Flooring Division are now the official UK partner for the Sports Partner multipurpose indoor sports flooring tile system. Based in Portugal, Sports Partner is a global Sports Flooring manufacturer with years of experience combining superior engineering production techniques with sports performance that is reflected in all of their sports floor products and backed up by their 12 years limited warranty.

Sports Partner - Sports Floor

Sports Partner produce an easy install, adhesive free indoor sports flooring system in a huge range of colours that is certified for a host of sports including: Basketball, Tennis, Handball, Futsal, Roller Sports, 5-a-side, badminton plus many more.

Sports Partner indoor sports flooring has a high resistance to extreme temperatures and has an excellent impact absorption which minimizes sports injuries.

This system can be dry laid on a level sub-floor and is fast and easy to install making huge savings on installation costs.

Please contact us on 0845 603 7694 to organise a free survey and quote.

Sports Partner Sports Floor

 Economic Advantages With Sports Partner Sports Floor

Beyond the Sports, Functional and Economical Advantages there are other aspects you should consider when deciding which Sports Floor to buy.

The presence of Humidity and / or Infiltrations could cause several damages (Partial or Total) on a type of Sports Floor that that use any type of glue to be fixed to the floor base, or a wood floor.
Sports Partner Sports Floor

Maintenance is also important aspect that you should consider when acquiring a Sports Floor. Most of the common solutions existent in the market requires constant maintenance with very high costs that normally the buyers don’t consider when they are deciding a Sports Floor acquisition. The real cost of a Sports Floor is:  Acquisition Cost + (Cost of Maintenance x Lifetime durability)

Sports Parnter Sports Floors are made of Polypropylene Copolymer of high impact with their own secret formula, Anti-bacteriological with characteristics unalterable in the presence of water or humidity’s assuring a great resistance and durability of your Sports Floor. It doesn’t require any special cost with maintenance, either than a regular cleaning with water and a PH neutral detergent that you should perform whenever you feel like.

Sports Partner Sports Floor

Sports Partner Sports Floor

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