Spring Special Offers on Wood Flooring

Although it may not feel like it outside, we have now officially entered into Spring.  To celebrate, we have some spectacular flooring deals on some of our high-quality strip, parquet and vinyl flooring.

Our special offers above include our strip engineered wood flooring and the list below has some incredible end of line solid and engineered parquet wood flooring job lots.  Have a look and see what catches your eye!

672m2 – Oak solid blocks 20mm x 70mm x 228mm natural grade @ £32/m2

413m2 – Oak solid blocks 20mm x 70mm x 254 natural grade @ £32/m2

83m2 – Oak solid blocks 20mm x 70mm x 216mm natural grade @ £32/m2

45m2 – Oak solid blocks 20mm x 70mm x 210mm natural grade @ £27.20/m2

452m2 – Oak solid blocks 20mm x 70mm x 350mm natural grade @ £36.80/m2

38m2 – Oak solid blocks 8mm x 80mm x 630mm @ £24/m2

36m2 – Walnut solid blocks 20mm x 63mm x 216mm @ £28.80/m2


8.46m2 – 20mm x 160mm x LL UV Oiled, rustic grade @£16/m2

18mm x 125mm x RL brushed & UV oiled natural grade
@ £31.18/m2 two pallet
@ £31.98/m2 one pallet

1377m2 – Walnut 20mm x 190mm x 1900mm nat grade, unfinished @ £52.80/m2

2267m2 – Oak 14mm x 189mm x 1860mm knotty grade, laquered @ £34.72/m2

600m2 – Oak 20mm x 260mm x long, xtra rustic, natural oil @ £68.80/m2

639.4m2 – Oak Chocolate 18mm x 150mm rustic @ £32.80/m2


522m2 Livloc Vinyl sandstone 5mm x 308mm x 604mm @ £17.44/m2

*Price for full quantity only
Price excludes vat. Price whilst stocks last. Stock on Price whilst stocks last. Stock on FCFS basis. Standard delivery £35 + VAT charges apply.


If you would like to speak to someone about any of these amazing offers, please call 0845 6027694 or email enquiries@mckayflooring.co.uk.

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