Sustainable flooring

Sustainable flooring

McKay Flooring Ltd are committed to sustainable flooring and reusing and recycling as much of our waste timber as possible. In the last year we have diverted over 25 tonnes of waste produced away from landfill which represents a 95% recycle rate. We also have a reclaimed flooring division who buy and sell reclaimed wood flooring and salvaged floorboards.

FSC Flooring

Most of our wood flooring is available as an FSC product either as a solid board or an engineered floor board.

Fair Trade Flooring

We can also provide you with the world’s first Fair Trade Flooring from Kahrs which ensures ethical sourcing and production of the wood flooring.

Reclaimed Flooring

We also offer a large range of reclaimed floors and reclaimed parquet timbers. Some of these floors are actually pre-used floors from gym halls, churches and museums. Alternatively we can provide reclaimed options which are made from old wood (barns etc) and repurposed as new flooring.

Whisky barrel flooring

Our own brand Whisky Barrel flooring recycles old whisky barrels into wood flooring saving them from landfill.

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