Reclaimed flooring at the Wayne Hemingway designed Dreamland Margate

Margates Dreamland amusement park has reopened after 11 years of closure.  Dreamland is the oldest surviving amusement park in Britain. and at its peak in the 60s, it attracted 2.5 million visitors a year.
Enlisting the help of design icon Wayne Hemingway the park has undergone a radical overhaul. The result is a witty and quirky take on the classic British seaside .

Wayne Hemingway designed Dreamland Margate We were delighted to work with Hemingway’s vision and flooring designs as he reimagined this tired yet historic holiday landmark to create a new experience suited to the needs of the modern seaside holiday maker. £18m was secured for the renovations works which took just over a year from start to finish to give the entire place the much needed facelift it deserved.


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