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We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Bona on both commercial and domestic wooden floors. In their own words ”

Bringing out the best in wooden floors – it’s a lifetime commitment


At Bona we are committed to the whole lifetime of wooden floors. We are devoted to providing solutions that keep a floor perfect during its entire life. Through our long commitment and constant search for innovation we are able to offer lasting, sustainable results for professionals and floor owners. With Bona you can expect a choice that lasts for generations.Today Bona is a world leading innovator with a unique system, having local presence all across the world. Since established in 1919 we are now, through subsidiaries and distributors, present in more than 90 different countries all over the world.Our mission has always been to bring out the best in wooden floors. This is the essence of our way of thinking and our future direction.

Bona’s organisation, with its extensive global presence, means that help is always nearby. Not only are we close to wooden floor manufacturers all over the world, but also to the end-customers and the very places where the floors are being sold. This means that wooden floor manufacturers can concentrate on their core business, producing outstanding wooden fl oors, and leave the maintenance issues to Bona.

• Subsidiaries and distributors in more than 90 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and North America.

• Production facilities in Germany, Sweden, North America and China.

• Annual turnover 2014: > SEK 1,6 billion (approx. 180 million EUR)
About Bona

Started with a grocery shop

At Bona we are proud of our history. Back in 1894, the 26 year old Wilhelm Edner opened a small grocery shop in Malmö where he sold coffee. The business went well and during the 1910s floor wax came into the picture – a completely new product to the Swedish market.


Within five years, floor polish, mop oil, dry floor cleaner, waxing equipment and other floor care products had been added to the range. And about a century later we have developed into an international world leading company producing and selling a total solution for wooden floor treatment. We stick to what we are and what we do best.