Clyde flooring

Manoa Oak Cameo

Manoa Oak Cameo2

Ness Smoked Oak

Ness Smoked Oak Cameo2

Almond Oak

Burghley Oak Cameo1

Ordos Smoked Oak Cameo

The Clyde Range of wood flooring is a hand-selected range of quality solid wood floors and engineered oak wood flooring.  This is a collection of outstanding stylish tones and colours that has something for all tastes and interiors.  The Clyde Flooring range offers you the ultimate in natural floor coverings. We have selected traditional wood species like Oak, Walnut and Maple with a variety of grades and finishes.  Our Clyde range should include something to catch your eye.

Sorano Smoked Oak Cameo

Phoenix Oak Cameo

Camden Oak Cameo1

Camden Oak Cameo2

Camden Oak Cameo3

Savoy Oak Cameo 2

Light Icaria Oak mod

Canadian Maple Natural (CLP006)

Canadian Maple Prime (CLP007)

Finger Jointed Oak (CLP008)

Dark Finger Jointed Oak (CLP009)

Burghley Oak (CLP0100

Hatfield Oak (CLP011)

American Walnut (CLP012)

Hardwick-Oak (CLP013)

Chatsworth Oak (CLP014)

Blenheim Hickory (CLP015)

Pimlico Oak (CLW006)

Haus Smoked Oak (CLW007)

Asgard Oak (CLW008)

Borough Oak (CLW009)

Bermondsey Oak (CLW010)

Arcadia Oak (CLPE006)

Avalon Oak (CLPE007)

Elysian Oak (CLPE008)

Ordos Smoked Oak (CLPE 009)

Kalahari Oak (CLPE010)

Sorano Smoked Oak (CLPE011)

Haus Smoked Oak (CLPE012)

Phoenix Oak (CLPE013)

Marylebone Smoked Oak (CLPE014)

Camden Oak (CLPE015)

Manoa Oak (CLPE016)

Rasselas Oak (CLPE017)

Tanami Oak (CLPE018)

Sahara Oak (CLPE019)

Chiswick Oak (CLPE020)

Adelphi Oak (CLPE021

Farringdon Oak (CLPE022)

Mojave Limed Oak (CLPE023)

Finsbury Oak (CLPE024)

Holborn Oak (CLPE025)

Kavir Oak (CLPE026)

Macaria Oak (CLPE027)

Piccadilly Oak (CLPE028)

Temple Oak (CLPE029)

Kilburn Oak (CLPE030)

Esk Oak (CLPE031)

Glenmore Oak (CLPE032)

Tweed Oak (CLPE033)

Almond Oak (CLPE034)

Carron Oak (CLPE035)

Ness Smoked Oak (CLPE036)

Moray Smoked Oak (CLPE037)

Eden Oak (CLPE038)

Tummel Smoked Oak (CLPE039)

Brora Limed Oak (CLPE040)

Saddle Oak (CLPE041)

Cairnwell Oak (CLPE0420

Tolmont Limed Oak (CLPE043)

Mayar Limed Oak (CLPE044)

Gulvain Smoked Oak (CLPE045)

Wyvis Smoked Oak (CLPE046)

Drumochter Walnut (CLPE047)

Nevis Oak (CLPE048)

Benmore Oak (CLP049)

Lomond Oak (CPLE050)

Jura Oak (CLPE051)

Westray Oak (CLPE052)

Arran Oak (CLPE053)

Uist Oak (CLPE054)

Easdale Oak (CLPE055)

Lismore Oak (CLPE056)

Lewis Oak (CPLE057)

Harris Oak (CLPE058)

Iona Oak (CLPE059)

Isla Oak (CLPE060)

Clyde Flooring offers flexibility to install in several different ways to suit your home and sub-floor conditions. These floors can be floated on foam, nailed direct to a wooden sub-floor or adhered to a concrete sub-floor using flexigrip specialist wood floor adhesive.

Engineered wood boards, because of the way they are constructed, deal much better with changes in temperature than solid wood flooring. The unique way that the boards are created ensures that there is less contracting of the wood in cold conditions and less swelling in a warm or humid environment.

If you are interested in this range of flooring or have any questions regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact McKay Flooring on 0845 602 7694 to speak to one of our resident flooring experts.

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