Ecore Athletic

For over 25 years Ecore Athletic have been dominating the fitness industry with their unique products.  Ecore use reclaimed waste products and transform them into suitable surfaces.  They carry out this process by grinding, screening, removing the stone, wood, paper, fluff, fiber, and other materials from scrap tire rubber, then design and build the final product to suit the client’s specification.   These surfaces are easy to install and maintain and practically fit every sports and fitness application imaginable. Ecore’s energy is focused on the interaction between people and the surface. Ecore creates products based on the simple notion that floors should elevate beyond current expectations. Ecore’s recycled rubber products offer superior impact absorption and excellent slip resistant properties.  Ecore products can be installed into playgrounds, weight rooms and turf fields to hospitals, hotels, retail environments and much more.

Why Choose Ecore Athletic?

  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Ease of Installation
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Slip Resistance
  • High-performance, high-quality surfacing
  • Smart technologies for impactful designs

Ecore Athlete: A Brand of Comfort

For Ecore Athlete specialized floor is too worthy to retain as other accessories that emphasize the performance and safety. So, towards availing the best class athletic flooring services it would be appreciating to follow us. We have sound expertise in designing and catering flooring services for Ecore Athletic, which sense extra comfort surface that an athlete and his body desire to adapt. However, if you are looking ahead in the same direction and tired of wandering, then your search now ends here. We love to hear your words and desires to bring a special Ecore Athletic floor for you. Prior to delivery, we ensure the flooring material for best standards of quality along with other parameters of slippery properties, durability and water resistant.

Adapting Athlete Surface Material

Ecore Athlete flooring material produced by Ecore employs waste products to render them into a sophisticated surface an athlete desired to adapt. Basically, the waste products like paper, fiber, wood and others from scrap tire rubber go through the processing of screening, grinding and removing of stone, which eventually go under designing and building an athlete flooring material as per the client’s necessity. However, the surfaces developed are very easy and convenient to install as well as seems to be perfect for other sports and fitness purpose. In addition to this, the athlete surface and other products build from rubber garbage are highly efficient to stay engaged with weight rooms, playgrounds, hotel and for other indoor & outdoor purpose.

Premium Flooring With Ecore Athlete for Wet Surfaces

The Athlete flooring and other products are designed to be an excellent rubber made surface that reflects superior impact over anti-slip properties. Moreover, as per our envision, this rubber made Athlete flooring material boasts a variety of features that stays not limited to Ecore surfaces but also precisely suits for all sportsperson, gym flooring, etc. as well as made its presence in our personal home also. With the athlete flooring material, you can also embellish your bathroom to avoid the messing up with wet surfaces and almost in every other environment. One significant thing that we can ensure is the beautiful interior decoration. As per our specifications, we can engage distinct kinds of flooring material to adorn our living room, office, reception hall and others.

Must Know About Ecore Athlete

Ensure Sound Force Reduction & Absorbent: Highly efficient to employ anywhere regardless of dry or wet environment, which literally acts as best of shock absorbent.
Tailormade Logo & Design: Nothing could be so pleasing to engage an athlete flooring material with engraved logo of your brand and desired design, which eventually embellishes the interior.
Easy & Convenient Installation: Installing of Ecore flooring is very simple and neither required any skills, manpower nor adhesive or infill material.
Slip Resistant for All Surfaces: Provide complete freedom from hassle and stress of slipping on both wet and dry surfaces ensured by enhanced anti-slip properties.
Easy to Maintain & Durable: Maintaining of Ecore Athlete Flooring material is very easy and convenient. As per your flexibility, the rubber made flooring can be washed and also support dry cleaning. The material employed in building the products ensures long life span.

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Ecore Athletic