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End Grain & Cobbled Wood Flooring

End Grain Movingui sanded


End grain flooring is a manufacturer’s dream. No glueing, no complicated installation and with a hardness that’s second to none. Our End Grain wood flooring products are the most durable and resilient flooring surfaces available. These cool cobbled tiles are made out of the ends of timber, leaving the woodgrain exposed with saw marks, black stain, different species, laid in basketweave or as wall cladding.  This means that you can make small tiles out of the wood ends and glue them down to create a beautiful and unique floor design.

End Grain Ember

End Grain Variation

End Grain Henna

End Grain Crema

End Grain Terrain

End Grain Hex

End Grain Essence

End Grain Safari

End Grain Tetris

End Grain Ochre

End Grain Rugged

End Grain Concentric

End Grain Concentric Rust

Golden Hex

Japanese Charred Cedar Cobbles

End Grain Wenge Sanded

End Grain Larch sanded

End Grain Tigerwood sanded

End Grain Moabi sanded

Oak Chamfered 1

Oak Chamfered 2

Oak Chamfered 3

Oak Chamfered 4

Oak Chamfered 5

Oak Chamfered 6

Oak Chamfered 7

Oak Chamfered 8

Rubber Wood

Oak Hexagonal


Dry Block

Found Dry Block G


Pin Wheel
































End Grain Cobbles can be installed in most places such as restaurants, art studios, shops, bars, hotels, offices, museums, schools and many more.

If you would like some samples or some more information on these products, please feel free to contact us on 0845 602 7694 or email enquiries@mckayflooring.co.uk and we can discuss your project.

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