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Copper Jade Blue
Patinated solid copper tiles and sheet 0.5mm ( 0.020″) thick.

Lava Waves Copper
Patinated solid copper tiles and sheets 0.5mm (0.020″) thick

Sand Storm Brass
Patinated solid BRASS sheet 0.5mm / 0.020″ thick

Frozen Clouds Zink
Patinated zink metal sheet and panels.

Lava Waves Brass
Patinated SOLID BRASS metal sheet and panels. Brightfull designs in gold, blue, yellow and red/orange colors. We can customize color tones or add amazing designs!

Copper Red Desert
Patinated solid copper sheet 0.5mm ( 0.020″) thick.

Zink Black Spots
Patinated Electroplated zink in 0.5mm / 0.020″steelCorTen Rusty Original

Preweathered Cor-Ten Steel sheet and panels available in standard dimensions. Panels and sheets available for indoor and outdoor installation.

Bahia Brass
Patinated solid brass sheets and panels in a tropical color design mix of red, terra, blue and greens.

Copper Sienna Red
This patina is a mix of many color tones in red-pink-purple-brown-blue.

Napoli Brass
Preweathered solid brass sheet in yellow, green and light blue color tones

Wild Musk
Patinated solid copper sheets and panels in dark and light greens patina.

Copper Flames
Patinated solid Copper sheets and panels in red, yellow, purple and grey flame designs.

Design templates
Patinated designs templates in copper, brass , zinq or cor-ten steel.

Brass Dirty Moon
Patinated solid brass sheet in brown and gold color tones

Copper Pastel Pink
Patinated solid Copper sheets and panels in pink, red yellow, purple and brown distressed designs

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