We’re Over A Barrel For Whisky Reclaimed Flooring!

Recently, our team at McKay Flooring supplied Google’s headquarters in Irvine, California with our whisky barrel reclaimed flooring. We were able to reclaim whisky barrels and through milling, were able to present Google’s offices with a warm, inviting parquet without damaging the history and natural beauty of the wood.


whisky barrel reclaimed flooring

McKay has been successfully been able to divert and install over 1 tonne of whisky barrel reclaimed flooring.

Simply put, they look good and we feel good knowing we’ve done something to make the Earth a little greener while we’re at it.

Reclaimed wood is one of the most exciting materials of modern architecture, seeing a rise in popularity as mature woods emerge. Harkening back to a time when wood was the primary building material for architects and craftsmen across the world, reclaimed wood seeks to add a rustic, storied feel to any floor. As such, beautifully aged oak and pines have become some of the most sought after building materials. It is not uncommon to see floors made from repurposed wood found in old buildings and products.


Whisky barrel recalimed flooring logo

This feature has found its way into many of the award-winning buildings that are combining sustainability and architecture, making it a must for companies who want their offices to be ahead of the curve when it comes to environmentally beneficial building materials.

This new woodworking trend has been no exception at McKay Flooring. The Scotch whisky industry’s trash became our proverbial treasure. Our director Richard McKay saw an opportunity to solve a sustainability issue while also finding prime wood for homes and offices around the world. Normally, old, empty barrels of whisky were consigned to landfill. Over 20,000 barrels are made ready for disposal a year, providing the whisky industry with a perfect opportunity to lower their waste production and us at McKay with sublime materials for our clients.

Our reclaimed combines the best of both worlds, creating inviting, woodsy themes while still ensuring a durable material that will resist the modern burdens of heavy foot traffic.

Whisky casks provide a colorful, mixed approach to hardwood flooring. The warm, vibrant tones of each individual board will add a bit of life to any room. Not to mention the character and even aroma of the boards reflects a long, respectable lifespan of the wood from several different distilleries and brands around the world. It is sure to impress customers, employees and guests. Even the flavor of whisky is known to have been left behind in the wood, though, it won’t leave your guests feeling lightheaded after staring for too long.

whisky fire

Dram of whisky with fire in background