Hungarian sports flooring manufacturer Grabo have partnered with McKay Flooring to offer a comprehensive range of vinyl sports flooring options. These are designed to suit all uses such as professional and also multi use as used in schools. In their own words,

” With more than 30 years of professional experience, Graboplast is an expert manufacturer and trader of vinyl sports floor coverings. Our range of products contains alternative solutions for any specific needs, from competitive sport to fitness and leisure sporting activities.

GraboSport floor coverings feature properties that make them both highly functional and safe.

altOutstanding Shock Absorption
Efficient Joint and Cartilage Protection

Due to excellent shock absorption, they provide a long-term protection of athletes’ joints and cartilages during regular sporting sessions.

altOptimal Traction Coefficient  
A Perfectly Balanced Grip and Slip

Unique surface design ensures a balanced level of friction that facilitates quick direction change and reduces the risk of slips and trips.

altOptimal Vertical Deformation
Advanced Comfort

Special foam backing provides optimal vertical deformation, increasing the comfort and reducing the risk of physical injuries.

altConsistent Ball Bounce
Excellent Athletic Performance

These floorings are ideal for team ball sports, as they do not affect the play and deliver consistent rebound and spin characteristics.



altIntelligent surface which provides excellent abrasion resistance and easy cleanability.altSelf – disinfecting surface which provides perfect hygiene, hard wearing and low-cost maintenance.
altDurable and easy cleanable surface which has optimal grip and slip character.altCrosslinked surface which increases the wear resistance and prevents dirt adhesion.
altDue to large roll width (200 cm), our vinyl sports floorings require less welding and are easier to install.altOur products do not require any periodical surface treatment, which results in low maintenance costs.
altHigh energy absorption due to the lower foam layer – comfort and protection.
Optimized deformation shape through the upper foam layer – easy direction change and reduced risk of injury.
altAccording to Floorscore certificate (issued by SCS Global Services independent international institute) the product meets California Specification 01350 low indoor emission requirement and contributes to LEED certification.