Job Lots

Job Lot RefProductM2 available
JL020Reclaimed Prime Maple block/screed7m2
JL022Reclaimed Solid Pitch Pine Blocks with Tar – (35x220x70mm) – 2.28m2 & (30x220x63mm) – 9.6m211.88m2
JL101Various Engineered blocks15.57m2
JL104Boen Boflex Beech 2-strip15.56m2
JL109TT Compton Oak – 4 packs7.92m2
JL100Junkers Blocks mixed species and sizes18.5m2
JL113Kahrs Engineered Activity floor Hard Maple 1.94m29 packs
JL114Boen Engineered Actiflex Beech System (14mmx215mm)174m2
JL116Clyde Granite Black77 Tiles
JL118GTI Uni Yellow Tile 0244 per m216 tiles
JL121New Junckers Light Ash 22mm, 2strip boards with a silk lacquer. The job lots consist of 5 packs of Classic Grade, 4 Harmony Grade and 2 Variation Grade. This gives an overall grade of Harmony. There are 11 packs in total giving a qty of 21m2. This is a new job lot although some packs may have open packaging.21m2/11pcks
JL124New Junckers Oak Harmony (22x129x3700mm) Silk Matt 1.91 – 4.5 packs harmony & 1 pack of variation solid with silk lacquer Harmony5.5pcks/10.5m2 includes 1 pack variation and 4.5 harmony
JL125New OakHarmony Cozy Symphony Raw Sugar Ultra Matt 20.5x 140mm 2.27, packaging may be opened – Oak with colour and texture solid with silk lacquer3pks/4.5m2
JL126New Junckers Solid Nordic Oak Harmony Ultra Matt (22x129mm) 1.91 – 2 strip7pcks/15.28m2
JL128New Boen Engineered Oak Andante Live Pure Lacquer (14x138x2200mm) Bevelled Edge – 3.04m230pcks/91.20m2
JL132New Moduleo Cantera Select Click 46130 (1 pack opened)8.8m2 2 packs/~10m2
JL136Reclaimed Juncker Premium Beech without nails65m2
Jl142Reclaimed Junckers Solid Oak Variation (22mmx 128mm) -2 strip30m2
JL 143Reclaimed Solid Prime Maple (83x19mm)8m2
JL144Reclaimed Solid Junckers Beech Club with lines, no nails43.6m2
JL147New Moduleo Vinyl Click Blackjack Oak Strip 22937 (Pack 1.76)4pks/7.04
JL148New GerFloor Vinyl 6381 Maple 20.5 Evolution M1 roll/19.8m2
JL149New Atkinson & Kirby European Oak Prime Grade Eng Lacquered Micro Bevelled (20x180x700-2200mm) 1.58 m216.5pks/26.07m2
JL150New AK Oak Prime (20x140xRL) 1.2m2 pack7pks/8.4m2
JL151New Solid Pine Floorboards (138x19mm) 1.175 pack6pks/7.05m2
JL152New Water Damaged Junckers Solid Nordic Ash Harmony (129mmx14mm) pack 1.8911pks/20.79m2
JL103New Boen Actiflex Beech Stadium 210*200*2211.5m2
JL035Reclaimed Engineered Oak 130*18 (no nails)17.5m2
JL131Reclaimed Solid Oak 150*1817.5m2
JL111Reclaimed Junckers Beech Solid (129mm x 22mm)59.5m2

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