Hestra Swedish tiles is a high-quality flooring product made in Sweden.  These tiles can be installed in many areas such as the garden, damp basement floor or garage, around a swimming pool, gym, office, game/play area and much more.  Hestra tiles fit in well both indoors and out and as well as being decorative, a good solution for many problem floor areas in your home.  Minimal care and long durability will contribute to saving time and money.

The tiles are made out of 100% recyclable polypropylene material, they have a very good draining ability and are UV-stabilised and can, therefore, be laid out in wet and dry weather.  Furthermore, the floor tile will drain away moisture from the surface and allow the subfloor to breathe and dry.

Hestra Floor Tiles are available in a wide range of patterns and colours.


7391520001725_6010-1500-26 Hestra Floortile_Glacier Grey_2

Hestra is one of the oldest and most popular floor tiles from the Hestra range.  This tile is available in a various amount of colours, and fits perfectly on the balcony, as well as in the garden, around the pool or on the basement floor. The choice is yours.

7391520001657_6010-1500-63 HestraFloortile_Golden Poppy_4 6010-1500-01 Floor Tile Hestra Elegance_Terrace_2



7391520010147_6112-1550-32 Universa Floortile_Emerald Green_2

Universa has a neutral and comfortable pattern and is adapted for various environments where other materials are less appropriate.  Your garage, the damp basement, cold balcony flooring or slippery pool areas.

7391520010116_6112-1500-26 Universa Floortile_Glacier Grey Playhouse_1 7391520010116_6112-1550-26 Universa Floortile_Glacier Grey illustration_2


Wood Look

7391520020016_6310-1600-48 WoodLook Floortile_Mahogany_2

To emulate wood, but still keep all the benefits of plastic.  The idea behind this design is not to replace wooden flooring but to create a complement to the market that requires less maintenance.

7391520020016_6310-1600-48 WoodLook Floortile_Mahogany Jaccuzzi_Spa_3 7391520020023_6310-1600-38 WoodLook Floortile_Dark Oak Greenhouse_3



7391520023970_6400-1800-68_Daisy Floortile_PearlGold_2

A floor tile that creates a smooth feeling both indoors and outdoors.  In a colour range that gives you a feeling of something special.  Flowers in organic, gentle shapes in aesthetic colour tones that could give your room a new lift.

7391520024038_6400-1800-17 Daisy Floortile_Pearl White_Terrass_4 7391520023956_6400-1800-44_Daisy Floortile_Pacific_Greenhouse

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