This beautiful rustic Salis Pangea collection is inspired by old-time Italian oak floor styles.  Pangea is a modular design system that allows you to characterise and customise every single room in your home with simplicity and creativity.  The intense tones and variance of colours within the timber provide different elements and the light and dark shadows highlight the patterns and the intersections of the different layouts.  The boards are made up of three-layers with crossed fibres broadleaf supports.  The wood selection has country knots that are made of different dimensions and cracks are filled with black filler.  The timber is finished with coloured pigments and high-performance oil.

The collection is available in 5 different toned finishes and 6 different geometrical patterns:










Binario Petra

Binario Creta

Binario Terra

Binario Lava

Binario Fango

Italiana Petra

Italiana Creta

Italiana Terra

Italiana Lava

Italiana Fango

Sorelle Petra

Sorelle Creta

Sorelle Terra

Sorelle Lava

Sorelle Fango

Intreccio Petra

Intreccio Creta

Intreccio Terra

Intreccio Lava

Intreccio Fango

Correre Petra

Correre Creta

Correre Terra

Correre Lava

Correre Fango

Quadro Petra

Quadro Creta

Quadro Terra

Quadro Lava

Quadro Fango

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