Our Pavimenti Stile collection is extremely unique.  The nature-inspired Italian made designs are crafted from generations and technological innovation.  The robust timber is able to handle individual and sophisticated projects.  It can be used in both commercial and residential environments.  Selected from the most valuable wood species from all over the world, our Paviemnti Stile collection is known as one of the leading timbers in the wood flooring market.  This collection hosts 5 individual wood flooring styles:


Slim revives the beauty of big planks or herringbone wood floors, even for those who have limited space and a low thickness available.  It’s the two-layer Stile wood floors collection, 10 mm thickness, entirely made of oak with four different widths: 70-90-140-180 mm.  It’s made with a light brushing and available in 10 colours, with different sizes and grades, finished with the highly resistant Naturale UV finish.


Slim Caramel

Slim Milk

Slim Honey

Slim Sugar

Slim Pepper

Slim Salt




























Space to colour. The use of innovative alkaline-based products and the combination with fine pigments create a unique and three-dimensional texture.

Contemporary Santiago

Contemporary Dubai

Contemporary Dakar

Contemporary Baku

Contemporary Seattle

Contemporary Melbourne





















Crafted in the Collection dedicated to floors with finishes made by combining expert handicraft with the most advanced technology in the application of resistant and long-lasting finishes such as Naturale UV and Traffic UV.

Crafted Oslo

Crafted Amsterdam

Crafted Odessa

Crafted Praga

Crafted Brest

Crafted Dublino
























A collection made with slightly brushed“ smoked” Oak.  The special treatment with reagents allows the natural tannin of wood to colour and emphasize the grains and the planks characteristics.

Smoked Colorado

Smoked Oregon

Smoked Virginia

Smoked Montana

Smoked Nebraska

Smoked Florida
























Welcome to the Stile Laboratory for new experiments and prototypes! Technology is keeping renewing itself and provide new opportunities to develop new products and applications. From applying a thick lacquering treatment to match every colour to the application of real metal laminas on the wood or by adopting the digital printing technique that can reproduce any texture of picture on the wood. Adopting those technicalities it is possible to customize products, following the creativity and aesthetics needs of architects and designers.

Lab Cretti

Lab Corten

Lab Palette

Lab Print

Lab Custom

Lab Metal

If you would like more information on these products, please call our showroom on 0845 602 7694 or email enquiries@mckayflooring.co.uk.