To ensure the high quality our Unikolegno wood flooring products are all made in Italy.  These simple basic designs are made from raw materials using innovative geometric patterns and laying methods giving this collection it’s distinguishing features.  The magnificent elegance of the grain, the exquisite detail of the knots and finishes, the warm and embracing colours of the different wood types create an emotion that is always fresh, able to renew itself day by day.

These beautiful collections are for everyone, people can find their own personal idea of what a wood floor should be, choosing from among the fabulous range of options the ideal solution for furnishing a room or to turn their own dreams into a reality.

Italian parquet flooring




Choose you own personal design from one of six collections:

  1. Large
  2. Type
  3. Tris
  4. Slim
  5. Loft
  6. Quadrotte


The Large wonderful floorboards combine longer and wider dimensions with a solid three-layer structure topped by a 4mm thick layer of quality solid wood.

American Walnut Uragano

New York


Rustic Thermo Oak











The perfect balance of beauty and technology comes in large formats too. The two-layer floor offers great reliability performance and an impressive aesthetic effect.

Elm Botticelli Rustic

Larch with knots

Teak Genesis









The three widths can be arranged as required to play with shapes and create a refined effect. Alternating the arrangement of 90, 110 and 135 mm wide floorboards gives original dynamic patterns.

European Walnut Genesis Commercial

Rustic Elm





Slender shapes and reduced thicknesses are the features of this modern design for Slim wood flooring, ideal for those seeking the best style: quality ratio. Reduced thicknesses make this wood flooring perfect for renovation projects.

Commercial Elm




The refined herringbone point and French herringbone patterns highlight the beautiful natural grain of the wood and create a flowing theatrical effect for flooring in the Loft collection. The parquet is created with 2 x 30 and 45-degree angle cuts.

Commercial Thermo Oak

Bleached Hydra Thermo Oak




The fine craftsmanship embellishes the parquet with magic inlay works, stemming from the combination of wood, steel, marble and resin.
The master craftsmen of Unikolegno create the refined artistic decorations composing the Quadrotte by hand with great skill and precision. The combination of the different materials gives rise to sophisticated geometric designs and fascinating colour matchings.

Gonzaga – Wood & Steel

Gonzaga 01- Thermo Oak Light Tone

Gonzaga 02 – Oak Wood & Steel

Gonzaga 03 – Thermo Oak Dark Tone Oiled – Wood & Steel

Gonzaga 04 – Thermo Oak Dark Tone – Wood & Steel


Medicea 01 Wood & Marble Carrara

Medicea 02 Oiled with Nero Marquinia – Wood & Marble

Medicea 03 Oiled Botticino – Wood & Marble

Medicea 04 Oiled with Greystone insert – Wood & Marble


Doria 01Oak Embossed – Wood & Wood

Doria02- American Wanlut, Teak Burma and Wenge – Wood & Wood

Doria03 Oak Medium Tone Thermo Oak & Wenge – Wood & Wood

Doria04-Teak Burma Wood & Wood

Doria 5 Amercian Walnut – Wood & Wood


Tosca01-American Walnut -Wood & Resin

Tosca02 Dark Tone Oak Commerical Thermo American Red Elm – Wood & Resin

If you are interested in this type of flooring, or have any questions regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact McKay Flooring on 0845 602 7694 to speak to one of our resident flooring experts.