Cut out the guesswork, we’ll measure it for you, request a survey

request a survey for wood flooring If you’re not sure how much wooden flooring you’re likely to need, there’s no need to take a wild guess – request a survey.

If you live in central Scotland, our surveyor will measure the floor area you need covered and give you an accurate quote of the amount of flooring you’ll need.

Insurance estimates

If your wooden floor has been damaged and your insurance company has asked for an estimate of the repair or replacement cost, we can help.

Request a survey

Please complete all of the boxes, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to arrange a convenient time for our surveyor to visit.

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First choose a flooring product

Please take the time to visit  our online store to choose a wood flooring product or visit our Showroom where we have over 200 wood flooring styles and products on display. Once our surveyor knows what product or products your are interested in we can compile a quotation based on the free home survey and the flooring you have chosen.

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Free Samples

If you cannot make it into our showroom or are interested in a small sample of a particular flooring product then please let us know and we’ll organise for a sample of the floor to be posted out to your property for you to check out – it is advisable that you see an actual sample of a flooring product before you purchase it so you an see the surface finish and feel the timber. Photographs will never give you an accurate sense of the overall finish of a piece of timer flooring. Keep it in mind that any samples we send out are just that – samples of a natural product. All flooring vary’s in colour and tone from board to board.

free wood flooring samples

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