We have a long history of installing subfloors in the UK since our inception in 1972. Since then we have installed 100,000 m2 of acoustic subfloors systems in flats, commercial properties and in sprung sports floor systems. We are approved installers for the Instacoustic subfloors, Danksin acoustic subfloors and other bespoke acoustic subfloor brands.

Sound reduction using acoustic subfloor systems

acoustic subfloor system

Acoustic subfloor system

Modern living has dictated the prevalence of hard floor finishes such as wood, laminate, parquet herringbone and tiles. If these floors are laid above another flat or a room in your own property then there is a possibility of noise transfer from foot fall and and general noise.

By specifying and installing the proper acoustic subfloor system, you can eliminate unwanted noise. It can also reduce the chance of private chat being overheard by your neighbours. We can help specify and install the required system to ensure sound is dampened adequately without adding significant extra depth to your floor system.

cradle and batten subfloor

cradle and batten subfloors


Damp subfloors

The rule of thumb in construction thinking is that a concrete subfloor takes 1 day for a depth of 1 mm to dry. Therefore a 4 inch or 100mm concrete subfloor will take approximately 100 days to dry. This obviously poses severe problems in terms of construction timescales as wood flooring cannot be laid on to a damp concrete slab. We supply and apply various types of DPMs or damp proof membranes in either sheet or liquid applied formats.

Our systems mean that the project can progress without long delays, saving weeks on the construction programme whilst providing a damp proof system to protect your wood flooring.


Levelling cradle and batten subfloor systems for uneven floors

Levelling subfloor system

Levelling subfloors system

Utilising a cradle and batten system we can achieve a level subfloor on the most undulating of surfaces. Whether it’s a full height build up to allow services to run underneath or to meet adjacent floor levels we can install a system to do the job. We can also provide solutions for spaces where there are different height levels that need to be levelled in localised areas.

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